Bullied Australian Boy Quaden Bayles Leads Out All-Star Rugby Team

Bullied Australian Boy Quaden Bayles Leads Out All-Star Rugby Team
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Quaden Bayles, the nine-year-old bullying victim had the “worst day of his life” turned into “the best day of his life” as he led an Australian national All-Star rugby league team out. Quaden’s story of his school-year bullying went viral after his mother Yarraka Bayles posted a video of her son crying.

In the video that has now been watched millions of times on Facebook, Quaden can be seen expressing suicidal thoughts due to the traumatic and ongoing bullying at school for his dwarfism and Aboriginal-Australian heritage. Quaden’s pain was felt around the world with many people coming to his support.

High-profile celebrities, including Australian actor Hugh Jackman, sent Quaden messages of support. A GoFundMe was also set up to send the young boy to Disneyland, which went viral and raised over $470,000. Quaden was also invited by the Australian Indigenous All-Stars team to join them in their game and to lead out their team to the field.

There were claims made that Quaden’s original video was faked to give him more social media attention, however, his mother Yarraka has denied all the false claims including those who say that her son is 18-years-old. “There are way too many people suffering in silence and my heart goes out to those families that have already lost their children to bullying,” Yarraka told Reuters