Loyal Cat Stays By Dying Best Friend’s Side

Loyal Cat Stays By Dying Best Friend’s Side
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Trooper the cat showed her loyalty to her best friend, Sarah Whaley, a 96-year old grandmother on her death bed. The cat was discovered by Sarah’s granddaughter, Alexis Hackney, as a little newborn kitten in their basement and ever since became a huge part of Sarah’s life.

Sarah formed a close bond with Trooper the cat and it was clear that they loved each other, but it was not until Grandma fell very ill when the family realized the true sense of their connection. Trooper spent most of the time in bed with Sarah and was bringing her gifts from all over the house.

When Sarah was having panic attacks, Trooper was there beside her trying to comfort the grandma. Sarah sadly passed away shortly before her birthday and Trooper was devastated by the loss. She lost her appetite and was crying around the house. Trooper has got better but still goes to Sarah’s room, leaving gifts on the floor.