This 107-Year-Old Man Is Still Driving His Mercedes

This 107-Year-Old Man Is Still Driving His Mercedes
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Meet Joe Newman, a 107-year-old resident of Sarasota, Florida who still happens to drive around in his cherry-red convertible Mercedes. He is one of the oldest people in the US to still hold a driving license. When asked about his driving skills, Newman responded: “Of course I’m a good driver.”

He has been driving for over 90 years and still enjoys driving around his neighbourhood with his 99-year-old fiancee Anita, who has agreed that he is a good driver but has some reservations. Newman has been driving his Mercedes without any accidents since he bought it four years ago.

Newman’s driver’s license doesn’t expire until 2022 so he is making the best use of it at the moment. Newman agrees that he should give up on driving as he doesn’t want people to be afraid that he is on the road. On date nights with Anita to the opera or ballet, he already uses Uber.