UPS Driver Sees Dog Drowning In Icy Lake, Jumps In To Save Her Life

UPS Driver Sees Dog Drowning In Icy Lake, Jumps In To Save Her Life
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This incredible story about a UPS driver saving a dog’s life will restore your faith in humanity. When Ryan Arens was starting his routine route a day before Christmas, he would have not expected to become a hero shortly. He spotted a dog that was drowning as he was driving past a frozen lake.

Ryan didn’t hesitate to stop his truck and investigate how to help the pup in need. As he got closer to the lake, he saw an elderly man, the owner of the dog, also trying to get to the pup in a rowboat. The elderly man was struggling to get closer, so Ryan didn’t waste any time and took action.

Ryan jumped right into the icy water and swam to the dog, who was screaming and crying for help. He grabbed her and brought her back to safety. They had to immediately take the dog into the house and get its body temperature back to normal under a warm shower.

The world needs more people like him ❤ PETA is awarding this UPS driver a Compassionate Action Award for rescuing a dog…

Posted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The dog named Sadie luckily warmed up and made a full recovery within a day. The next day Ryan visited the owner’s house and was reunited with Sadie. When PETA found out about Ryan’s bravery, they honored him with a Compassionate Action Award.