Veteran Gets Emotional As Marine Grandson Surprises Him On His Birthday

Veteran Gets Emotional As Marine Grandson Surprises Him On His Birthday
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Men and women in uniform are risking their lives protecting our freedom at home and abroad in dangerous places. It’s the moments of the reunions that remind us that it’s real people behind those uniforms with real emotions. The months and years away serving the country finally gets rewarded with hugs and tears of joy from the loved ones.

This uber-emotional reunion between a Marine grandson and his veteran grandfather will tug at your heartstrings. Marine, c Anderson who is currently active on duty decided to come home early and surprise his retired and disabled Marine grandfather, Jeffrey B Anderson Sr on his birthday.

Jeffrey Anderson Sr. wasn’t expecting the surprise as his grandson had been away for almost two years with no prior message that he was returning anytime soon. When Christian became a Marine, his grandfather wasn’t able to attend his graduation and Jeffrey Anderson Sr. had not seen Christian in almost 2 years or ever seen him in uniform, so his family decided to surprise him for his birthday!

Jeffrey Anderson Sr. was first told to come out of his house for an unforgettable birthday surprise and as he was walking out, his grandson Christian approached him from the back and surprised him in his uniform. It’s beautiful reunions like these that make all the sacrifices worth it. Please share with your loved ones if you agree.