Woman With Autism Becomes First Openly-Autistic Lawyer In Florida

Woman With Autism Becomes First Openly-Autistic Lawyer In Florida
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Meet Haley Moss was diagnosed with autism just at the age of three and was non-verbal. She was told by the physician that she will not be able to drive a car or graduate from high school. As a child, Haley could do a 100-piece puzzle by herself and was able to read but not speak.

This weekend marks exactly one year since I graduated from law school! ⚖️🎓Where does the time go?!A huge…

Posted by Haley Moss on Saturday, May 11, 2019

The determined young lady defied all odds as she was growing up and chose to embrace her autism rather than deny it. Haley’s loving upbringing and family support played a huge part in her graduating not only from high school but also from the University of Miami Law School.

I’m honored have been nominated for WEGO Health awards in the #podcast category for my work on Spectrumly Speaking with…

Posted by Haley Moss on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The aspiring law associate had a job offer before graduating and once she passed her Bar exam, she started working at Zumpano Patricios, a law firm in Miami. She’s the first openly-autistic person to do the Florida Bar according to her employer. She’s now a practising lawyer, focusing on healthcare and international matters.