Shelter Dog Is Rescued An Hour Before Euthanasia

Shelter Dog Is Rescued An Hour Before Euthanasia
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Meet Edie, an adorable Maltese whose disturbed past had turned her into being aggressive and ‘unhomeable.’ When Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws found that Edie was about to be put down, he decided to give her one last chance and little did he know it would save her life.

The pup is initially so frightened when she gets approached by Hagar that she even defecated but she sees through Hagar’s gentle soul and runs into his lap. From this very moment, the trust and friendship blossoms between them and Hagar realizes that a hug was all that Edie needed.

This very act of kindness helped to save Edie’s life and she went on to become adopted by Bronwyne Mirkovich and found a loving home to forget about her past and everything she had gone through. Seeing animals that are this scared just hurts, these beautiful creatures deserve the best.